You’re dedicated and committed to trading as a lifestyle and career, but…..

You COULD be trading more effectively, efficiently and profitably.

You WOULD trade better if you really trusted your edge, or set up better systems, maybe just didn’t make as many avoidable mistakes.

You SHOULD write that trade plan, stick to your trading rules, perhaps define your strategies more precisely.

This is where Accountability Coaching may help to turn the tide.

FXcellence offers a program designed to pinpoint trading weaknesses and challenges and the impact these have on your trading. Working together, we establish realistic and achievable goals in these areas. By employing change psychology techniques and providing an Accountability Structure to reinforce goal achievement, we move your trading to the next level of performance, efficiency and profitability.

I never knew the value of getting professional accountability coaching until I was introduced to Terry. It has been a great help for me in terms of following my rules, being disciplined and has forced me to focus on my strengths and weaknesses as a trader. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve their trading results. It’s powerful!

Ashish T.

Sydney, Trader

I really enjoyed the coaching and found Terry’s style and knowledge to be very useful in effecting change.

He has a solid understanding of change work and habit formation and I found the sessions to be useful and practical.



Hi, I’m Terry Macartney, and I want to say straight away that this is not so much a “How To Trade” coaching program, as a “How YOU Trade” program. However, in addition to my coaching knoweledge and experience, I have traded full time for seven years, and have a very solid background in technical analysis, FX trading strategies, market dynamics and fundamentals. These are essential foundations for coaching in this field.

I have been very pleased with your assistance in my process of defining and sharpening the goals I had in mind.
I found it particularly useful to have someone to keep me “on track” with pointed questions, regular assesment of my progress, issues and challenges


Byron Bay

I consider myself as being organised but even so, I found Terry’s coaching lifted me to a new level. Being able to discuss the goals and related tasks with an interested party, then agreeing and setting realistic goals for the next session, meant I was getting things done more quickly and efficiently. Highly recommended.

Craig D.


The programs are designed to work with your current trading ability, whatever level you are at, to develop, support  and enable you to move to the next level of trading efficiency and profitability. Rather than exploring specific trading methodology and techniques, we examine your unique habits, biases, strengths and weaknesses and the psychology behind these characteristics. It is a co-creative process in which we work together to clarify challenges or weaknesses. From this base, we will establish better trading discipline, habits and strategies to advance your trading.

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